E-Ben Bionatural Wellbeing

Natural Non-Invasive

We Can Heal

  1. BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasic):and prostatitis
  2. Female’s reproductive organs disorders (Endometriosis, PID Amenorrhea, Menorrhea, Miscarriage, Infertility Period pain, Menopause),
  3. Colitis & ulcerative colitis
  4. Spine disorders (Cervical, thoracic and lumber disorders)
  5. Painful knees and heals
  6. Headache & Migraine
  7. Disorders of femur, (Osteochondritis of capitulars epiphysis of femur, damaged Ligamentum capitis femur, aseptic necrosis of head of femur, ischemic Necrosis of femoral head)


Practitioners are professionally trained in Chinese and Western herbal medicine with the qualification of Bachelor of Chinese herbal medicine or Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine. Their excellent clinical experience in applying bioNatural technology has helped so many suffer to restore their health in past 10 years.
Our practitioners constantly get professional support from the experts, and researcher to improve their medical knowledge for optimal clinical result.   
They are also multi skillful with Diploma of Remedial massage and Sports therapist

Technology Cooperation

E-Ben Bio Natural Wellbeing has technical cooperation with hospitals and clinics in the countries of Asia, Africa, North and middle Europe. We continue to welcome those who are sincere and interested to discuss with us about BioNatural technology cooperation.

Responsibilities :

E-Ben Bionatural Wellbeing:

  1. Provides technology including basic herbal formula and clinical practice skill
  2. Organize experienced researchers and practitioners to conduct training till the technology is fully mastered by the partners.
  3. Study and discuss medical cases with cooperative partners for better solutions in clinical practice on request.
  4. Provides strong and long-term technical support to partners.

The cooperative partner:

  1. Must have legal medical premises such as hospitals, clinics or age care and community care entities
  2. Responsible for realizing the BioNatural technology locally, for management of their healthcare entities.
  3. E-Ben Bio Natural Wellbeing will not involve in the management.
  4. Must have qualified healthcare workers to carry out the technology.


The cooperation of BioNatural technology requires very low investment, no additional facilities, equipments and materials need to be invested, The cooperative partners can make full use of their existing facilities and materials.

Who can Cooperate:   

Hospitals, clinics, individual practitioners.


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